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Winning Strategies
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Marina K├Ągi
2 min
February 1, 2023
As you know, our NFT game algorithms are written so that everyone has a chance to win.
Yet, a quick look at the statistics clearly shows that certain pools most often win.

To date, the leaderboard looks like this: the Mining Corp pool is in first place, second place is occupied by a clan called ArcticMonkeys, and DmzPool is gaining on them. These are the largest and most powerful clans, so it's much easier for them to close blocks.

To help other clans win more often, we have written some simple instructions. We suggest you put these points into practice. You'll definitely see a positive dynamic.

1. Make the pool public
If you're the pool creator, check the settings. Newcomers are more often added to public pools, meaning that such clans have more chances of becoming bigger and stronger.

2. Unite
The total capacity of the pool in third place is more than 4,600 TH. In order to be competitive, we advise the remaining mini-pools to merge into one or more larger units. Then your chances of winning will increase significantly.

3. Recruit active players to the pool
Bring good clickers into the team. Take a look at the General Chat to find them. Data on the most active participants is published there.

4. Accept team members from different time zones
It's difficult to do, but it's still possible. The logic is simple: in short rounds, small pools have a higher chance of winning, but for this you need manual clicks. If one part of the team is active in the first half of the day, and the other in the second, you will have more chances of "catching" a short round and closing this block.

5. Increase capacity
Everything is simple here. The greater the total power of your clan, the higher the chances that your pool will close the block. Buy new NFTs, develop your mining empire, and snag the victory for yourself.

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