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Real Miners VS Digital Miners
#NFT News
Marina Kägi
2 min
January 25, 2023
Every day we tell you why our project is worthy of your attention and why it's profitable to invest in our products.
Today we'll prove this with a brief example.
Below is a comparison of a real miner with one of our digital items.

We tried to choose the parameters that are most alike, so the following contenders enter the ring vying for victory:

The Antminer S19 (90 TH/s 32.5 W/TH) and 64 TH/s 35 W/TH NFT.

Because the real ASIC is cheaper, we'll add another one to it. As it turns out, we are putting miners with better energy efficiency and much more power against our NFT.

Who will be more profitable in this matchup? Our digital miner. Even though the S19 has the best indicators, its annual return is only 8.1%, while the ROI of our 3XL NFT at the time of this post is more than 36.2%.

Why is there such a big difference? It's simple.

Our Greedy Machines possess a combination of favorable factors like:

• The lowest price for electricity on the market (from 4.5 to 7 cents per 1 kw/h);

• Full maintenance of miners, which our company produces better and more inexpensively than third-party contractors;

• The lowest equipment purchase prices by GMT;

• The discount system for NFT holders that can total up to 14%.

And the last point not mentioned above. Unlike real miners, the power of their digital counterparts from GMT is constantly growing, which also leads to the extraction of more BTC that are then sent to holders' wallets.

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