Mining with The Greedy Machines VS traditional mining
We compared the ROI of the Antiminer S19Pro 104 TH/s and our NFT 2XL with a similar price. The profitability of digital miner is higher. There are 3 reasons for this:
The best electricity price you can imagine
Only 4 cents for 1 kw/h. No one will offer better.
GMT’s first-class service
By purchasing NFT, you don't need to maintain your fleet of devices yourself. GMT’s service centers fixes problems faster and cheaper than any contractor in the field.
Attractive discount system
GMT provide NFT holders with additional discounts on electricity and maintenance, which can reach 14% in total.
With NFTs by GMT, mining has become available to everyone. You will never buy a real miner for $50, whereas our digital miners XS cost exactly that much and generate returns the next day after the purchase.
Antiminer S19Pro 104 TH/s (29,5 W/TH)
Traditional Mining
2XL 32 TH/s (25 W/TH)
Mining with NFT