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Our Discount System is Profitable

#NFT News
Marina K├Ągi
1 min
February 10, 2023
Have you noticed the changes on the NFT Rewards page yet?
If you have chosen to pay for maintenance with GMT tokens, then the system will now prompt you when you need to top up your virtual wallet.
If you don't have enough tokens to pay, you'll see an exclamation mark next to the information about rewards.

Such a hint system is needed to help you save money because only this function gives 5% discounts on C1 (electricity fees) and C2 (equipment maintenance).

But don't forget about other features that reduce your deductions.

Discount level for the "Service" button. If you increase capacity and don't forget to "take care" of your mining empire every day, the maximum discount may be 14%.

More than $5,500 is how much NFT holders have managed to save from GMT thanks to our discount system. You can start saving too.

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