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NFT Sale Function
#NFT News
Marina Kägi
1 min
February 16, 2023
If for some reason you decide to sell your NFTs from The Greedy Machines collection, you'll no longer need to switch to third-party sites. You can now sell them right on our marketplace.
When you go to the Sell NFT page , you can specify which of your digital miners you're going to sell and for how much. After that, you'll only have to wait for a buyer to appear.

A few important points:

• Before someone buys your NFT it'll be in your wallet and will bring you rewards.

• You can only sell NFT for GMT tokens.

• If your NFT is on a virtual wallet, then you can only sell it on a virtual wallet.

• If the digital miner is on a real wallet, then when placing crypto art in the Sell NFT section, you'll need to connect the wallet where it's located and give permission for the NFT to be withdrawn to another wallet when buying. Our instructions will help you through these steps.

• Don't forget about the commission. For the sale of NFT on our marketplace, we will charge you 5% of the amount you received.
If you want to see the digital miners put up for sale by users, go to the collection filters, select "Marketplace" and "GMT Secondary."

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