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Marina Kägi
2 min
December 23, 2023
You have noticed these terms in our text before. This is how different game modes are called for NFT owners.
Do you just want to buy NFT and hold it? To do that, you need to choose "solo mining" mode and get stable rewards every day. It requires only a minimum of your activity. But if you want to increase your rewards, you can get discounts on C1 and C2 fees.

To do this, you need to:
• Build up your NFT total computing power and progress from level to level (maximum 6% discount);
• Pay for the Maintenance with GMT tokens (5% discount);
• “Clean” your digital miners every day by clicking on the "Service" button (if you repeat this action every day and do not skip a single day, the maximum possible discount you can get is 3%).

In "pool mining" mode, you need to compete with other players to win. In order to do this, as the name implies, you must either create your own pool or join someone else's. Rewards for each won round will be distributed between the players of the winning clan in proportion to their share of hashrate in the private pool.

But even in this case, you can increase your rewards:
• Members of the “pool mining” mode have the same discounts on C1 and C2 fees as in "solo mining" one. The conditions for receiving them are the same;
• Clan owners can earn an additional 1% of their pool winnings, provided that the total number of participants is no less than 5 players.

Additionally, in any of the modes, each of the holders receives a referral link. If anyone uses it to make an NFT purchase, you will be rewarded with 5% of the cost of the purchased miner.
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