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Much More Profitable Trial Period
#NFT News
Marina Kägi
2 min
December 30, 2023
Still on the fence about which NFT to choose from The Greedy Machines collection?

Well, you need wait no longer. With our updated trial period conditions, you not only can test out all the game mechanics for free, but you can earn several times more income. Let's dive into the details.

As you already know, the trial period is 14 days. During this time of owning a digital miner, you will receive payments proportional to the power and energy efficiency of the NFT you have chosen, as well as the game mode (solo mining or pool mining). These rewards will be frozen and credited to your account immediately after the purchase of a real NFT if you manage to do it within six months.

Starting today, a system to encourage early redemption has been put into place.

If you purchase NFT before the end of the trial period, then you will not have to pay the maintenance fee on this digital miner for the remainder of the 14-day trial.

According to our calculations, such a 100% discount on C1 and C2 will increase your payments for this period 5-6 fold. This is the most obvious proof that time is money.

For your convenience, we have also made a special timeline that will show the number of days until the end of the trial period. In case of an early purchase on the same scale, you will see how many more days this unique 100% discount will be valid.
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