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Meet Our New Khabib NFT Collection by GMT
#NFT News
Marina Kägi
2 min
March 2, 2023
This year we will release several cool collaborations at once. And the first one is now available on our marketplace.

Khabib NFT Collection by GMT - we created it together with the legendary fighter and ambassador of our project Khabib Nurmagomedov.
What are the distinctive features of this crypto art:

▪️ All NFTs have a capacity of 29 TH/s. Khabib Nurmagomedov has won exactly as many victories without defeats during his professional career;

▪️ Each NFT from this collection will act as a pass to Khabib's private events.

What it will give you:

Several times a year your favorite fighter will conduct activities where only owners of the Khabib NFT Collection by GMT will be able to take part. We will announce in advance the location and date of the events on a separate website and on our social media networks;

▪️ The rewards of the holders of these NFTs will periodically increase by 29 times.

How it works:

Every day the system will randomly select every 29th NFT (172 per day).

When you get into this list, a 29x multiplier will be available to you.

If the holder of the selected NFT plays in solo mining mode, the multiplier will increase their daily rewards 29-fold.

In pool mining mode, the multiplier on this day will randomly appear in rounds with a probability of 1 to 29. In case of victory, the rewards of those possessing these NFTs will also be multiplied by 29.

This most memorable of collections is already waiting for you. Hurry up, the number of NFTs is limited.
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