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Growth of NFT Supply Capacity
#NFT News
Marina K├Ągi
1 min
April 4, 2023
We have purchased new equipment for our products and increased the capacity of The Greedy Machines already sold by 0.2%.
What does it mean?

Let's say you recently bought a 128 TH/s NFT from the water-cooled collection.
Via our mechanism, the characteristics of your digital miner will now be: 128.256 TH/s, 25 W/TH.

An interesting detail.
We are constantly increasing the capacity of only those NFTs that are on your wallets. That is, some holders have already gone through this process several times, and others for the first time. It depends on when you purchased our digital miner.

So if you purchased NFTs by GMT for a total capacity of 128 TH/s in the first days of the first collection being released, they would have already grown by 3.24 TH/s.

All this says one thing: the right day to buy our crypto art is today.

The longer you own NFTs by GMT, the more their power will grow, and hence the number of BTC they mine.
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