Essence of the Greedy Machines NFT Collection
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Marina Kägi
3 min
September 29, 2022

Have you heard about our NFT project called The Greedy Machines? Here's a brief rundown for those who've just joined us.

As we're continuously striving to improve, we decided to dive into the world of NFTs, but from a completely different angle. That's why we launched a set of mining machine images that do the same job as real equipment — they mine bitcoins. This is possible due to each of the NFTs being backed by the real computing power of our device fleet.

This is the first example of a non-fungible token with such capabilities.

The Greedy Machines differ from each other in terms of power (from 2 TH/s to 128 TH/s), energy efficiency (50 W/TH, 35 W/TH, 25W/TH), and a large number of external attributes that owners can choose before buying.

We have issued our NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 standard.

All of our digital miners mine bitcoins, but there are two ways to receive payments. It all depends on which game mode owners choose:
Solo mining: Hold NFTs and get rewards in BTC every day in return;

Pool mining: Play the game with a pool and receive rewards in BTC for winning the game.

Holders themselves can decide how they mine bitcoins, and can change this decision anytime.

Interested? You can already view our new product on the marketplace.

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