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Choose the Right Strategy
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Marina Kägi
2 min
March 3, 2023
The number of holders of our NFT and those who plan to purchase crypto art by GMT has increased markedly of late.

With this in mind, we have prepared some instructions that will help both old and new users put together the most profitable collection.

The main criterion here is the energy efficiency of the digital miners.

As you know, the final rewards for mining depend on the deductions for maintenance, with energy efficiency being an important factor that can significantly reduce your electricity costs. But at the same time, less energy-efficient NFTs are cheaper at the time of purchase.

Based on all the factors out there, we have compiled the following strategies for you:

• Active Investing 50 W/TH NFTs are our least expensive product and possess moderate profitability. Select these if you don't want to pay more and believe in the growth of the price of Bitcoin. They're suitable for those who prefer short positions and plan to play on the cost of the NFT itself.

• Buy-and-Hold 25 W/TH NFTs are more expensive than the others, but come with the biggest rewards. They're especially profitable at a low BTC price. Choose these if you want to play long-term and get a lot of bitcoins.

• Balanced Investing 35 W/TH NFTs are our bestsellers. They earn more BTC than 50 W/TH NFTs, are cheaper than the 25 W/TH NFTs, and currently pay off faster. Select these if you're interested in taking home everything at once.

• On a separate note about owning the Khabib NFT

Collection by GMT These 35 W/TH NFTs have some of the best ROI. Buy these digital miners if you want to be part of Khabib's private events, something special (the collection is limited), and earn rewards (a 29x multiplier comes with it).

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